Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Trump says Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead – but will he backpedal?

President-elect Donald Trump has recently caught flak from supporters for distancing himself from his most contentious campaign promises, but he has stayed committed to pulling the plug on the TPP. In the two weeks since Donald Trump’s surprise election victory, the billionaire developer has adopted a noticeably softer demeanor from that of his insurgent campaign personality.

While vetting a team of mostly right-wing Republicans for his incoming transition team, he has cautiously walked back from several contentious campaign talking points while attempting to shed the most controversial elements of his base.

Trump has publicly disavowed prominent white-nationalist organizations and is making concessions on his most divisive goals. Areas of his odious border wall with Mexico may be dialed back to simple fencing, while some aspects of Obamacare might not be totally repealed. He has decided against appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Hilliary Clinton and has signaled a slightly more malleable position on climate protection.

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Nile Bowie is a Singapore-based political commentator and columnist for the Malaysian Reserve newspaper. He can be reached at